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Aldrington CE Primary School


Governor Responsibilities

Please see below for details about the responsibilities of Governors. Governors have particular responsibility for areas of school life, as well as membership of one or more sub-committees.

Code of Conduct for Governors

Please click below for the current Code of Conduct for Governors which has been signed by all Governors.

Governors Code of Conduct 2022-23


Aldrington Decision Planner

Please click below for the current Aldrington decision/delegation planner.

Decision Planner


Governor Link Responsibilities

All governors have particular link responsibilities: in the first instance, they are the point of contact with regard to issues in specific areas.


Link Governor

Child Protection

Clare Lines

Children In Care & Looked After Children

Clare Lines

Equality and Diversity

Morag Martin

Inclusion - PP/More able/EAL

Leila Day


Morag Martin

Governance Strategy

Committee Chairs

Early Years

Susannah Kendrick & Shadrach Mwale

Training and Development (Governors)

Anna Samuelsson

PSHE and Wellbeing

Morag Martin


Steve Edwards


Sue Ward/Anna Samuelsson


Steve Edwards

P.E. and Sports

Rich Miles/Another Governor


Tim Gage

RE and Worship

Dave Howarth and Tim Gage

Health and Safety

Matt Lovell (Associate)


Sue Ward


Chair of FSP Committee


Governing Board Committees

There are four committees of the Governing Board, chaired by governors but including some senior school staff where appropriate.


Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee

Chair:   Steve Edwards

Headteacher (Verity Coates)

  • Steve Edwards
  • Leila Day
  • Sue Ward
  • Anna Samuelsson
  • Alison McCauley (Staff)
  • Matt Lovell (Associate)

Community Welfare Committee

Chair:   Shadrach Mwale

  • Teresa Hill (Dep. Head, delegated by the HT)
  • Shadrach Mwale
  • Clare Lines
  • Susannah Kendrick
  • Morag Martin
  • Suzi Arnold
  • Verity Coates (Headteacher) depending on agenda

Curriculum Committee

Chair:   Morag Martin

  • Headteacher (Verity Coates)
  • Morag Martin
  • Clare Lines
  • Leila Day
  • Rich Miles
  • Shadrach Mwale
  • Anna Samuelsson
  • Teresa Hill (Deputy Head)/Debby Butters (Assistant Head) depending on agenda

Ethos Committee

Chair:   Rev. Dave Howarth

  • Headteacher (Verity Coates)
  • Rev. Tim Gage (incumbent, St. Peter’s)
  • Rev. Dave Howarth
  • Susannah Kendrick
  • Sue Ward
  • Suzi Arnold
  • Debby Butters (staff)  


Committee Attendance