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Aldrington CE Primary School

Governing Board

The Governing Board provides strong and ambitious leadership to Aldrington.

  • We ensure clarity of vision and ethos throughout the school.

  • We hold the educational performance of the school to account.

  • We oversee the financial sound running of the organisation.


As Governors, we make a positive contribution to the lives and learning of all those who work together at Aldrington. The Governing Board reflects the local school community, comprising representatives from local churches, people in industry and vocational employment, workers in education, staff and parents.

We are volunteers who meet regularly, both collectively and in small groups, to scrutinise how money is spent, oversee how our curriculum is taught and ensure that everyone is kept safe. Governors at Aldrington also work to support our teachers and maintain the unique ethos of our school.

Governors are committed to the school’s visions and values and place a high priority on communicating with the school community – we adopt an ‘on-the-ground’ approach here! You will often find governors around school interacting with staff and children. We regularly monitor and challenge changes in the curriculum, behaviour and learning, and maintain the fabric of the school building. Governors work to improve our school and ensure that the ethos of our school is upheld. Governors attend training provided by Brighton & Hove Council to ensure that their role is carried out effectively.

Governors meet as a full board once or twice a term. In addition, our committees have one main termly meeting and one practical-based meeting to look closely at current issues.

See below for a full list of governors at Aldrington, and download the minutes of our Full Governing Board meetings.

I am very proud to chair the Board at Aldrington and look forward to meeting you at school soon.

Susannah Kendrick
Chair Aldrington Governing Board


Governing Board Members

Name Role Appointed By Term of Office Responsibilities
Suzi Arnold Foundation Diocese 24.11.21 - 23.11.25
Verity Coates Headteacher By virtue of appt. 30.10.17 - ex-officio
Leila Day Parent Governor Parents 11.10.21 - 10.10.25
Steve Edwards Foundation  Diocese 18.06.22 - 17.06.26 Chair of FSP* Committee
Rev. Tim  Gage Foundation By virtue of appt. 13.05.20 - ex-officio Vice Chair of FGB
Rev. Dave Howarth Foundation Diocese 01.02.23 - 31.01.27 Chair of Ethos Committee
Susannah Kendrick Co-opted Governing Board 22.07.21 - 21.07.25 Chair of FGB
Christine Jefferson Associate Governing Board 01.09.23 - 31.08.27 Building Development
Clare Lines Foundation Diocese 01.09.21 - 31.08.25 Child Protection
Matt Lovell Associate Governing Board 10.03.22 - 09.03.26 Health & Safety
Gary Lurcock Parent Governor Parents 09.10.23 - 08.10.27
Morag Martin Foundation Diocese 04.03.21 - 03.03.25 Chair of Curriculum Com.
Rich Miles Staff Governor Staff 03.09.21 - 02.09.25
Shadrach Mwale Foundation Diocese 18.07.19 - 17.07.23 Chair of CWC**
Anna Samuelsson Foundation Diocese 02.10.20 - 01.10.24
Sue Ward LA Governor Local Authority 04.03.21 - 03.03.25

* FSP  - Finance, Staffing and Premises

 ** CWC - Community Welfare Committee