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Aldrington CE Primary School


Together we are Learning God’s Way, teaching children how they should live, so that they will remember it all their lives (Prov 22:6). We actively seek to equip each unique individual with resilience and the skills and knowledge that allow them to flourish in their learning and achieve their God-given potential.


At Aldrington, we have worked collaboratively to create a high-quality curriculum that is fun, exciting and relevant to all of our pupils. The curriculum has been planned to enhance the pupils’ interests and inspire them so that all the pupils want to engage with the learning and all pupils can access it. The context of the school was an important consideration when planning the curriculum – a curriculum that reflects the Christian ethos and school values at Aldrington and encompasses British Values. The spiritual aspect of learning is a fundamental foundation upon which moral, social and cultural understanding is developed.

At Aldrington, our aim is that the curriculum will support and develop resilience, wellbeing and a lifelong love of learning so that all pupils are prepared for the next stage of their learning journey and are citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to the community and society.

The focus of all learning at Aldrington is on the journey, not solely the destination.


Aldrington's Curriculum Rationale (Intent)