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Aldrington CE Primary School

KS2 Easter Celebration at Bishop Hannington

KS2 celebrated Easter at Bishop Hannington today with our wonderful choir, brass band and drumming troupe.

The brass band wowed us with 'Sing of the Lord's Goodness' in 5/4 time, and 'Hosanna!' to mark Easter.  The choir, including our Year 6 singers, led with 'Jesus, Saviour of the World'. They were soon back for a stunning rendition of 'Glory! Hallelujah, He's alive!'  The drummers also performed a great and very complicated routine that involved moving seats mid-piece!

Stephen Demetriou, from Bishop Hannington, showed us good and bad eggs sinking and floating. He told us about Barabbas and Jesus and how the good man was punished even though he had done nothing wrong. We learned that, even though Jesus was killed, he came back to life because he is God and nothing can defeat God's love.

We are looking forward to lots of special Easter events this week, including Working With Others on Thursday!

BH Easter Service