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Aldrington CE Primary School

Pastoral Care

At Aldrington, all members of staff undertake a pastoral role.  Our children get to know members of staff well, not only in their own classes and year groups, but also in the wider school environment.  We pride ourselves in caring for each child as an individual and ask parents and carers to approach class teachers in the first instance if they have any concerns or want to share information about a child's wellbeing.  We trust that regular contact with parents and sensitive relationships with the children will enable support to be given quickly to deal with any circumstances that may arise.  

Many of our staff are trained in first aid, including all members of our office team, and they provide first aid treatment when required.

It is very important that parents or carers let us know of any medical conditions, allergies or disabilities their child may have so that adjustments can be made.  We have a designated member of staff, Ms Roberts, who oversees children's welfare, medical and dietary needs and works with Ms Griffiths to ensure that individualised care plans are drawn up so that  special needs linked to health are met.  The school is not permitted to give medication except in very special circumstances such as chronic asthma, severe allergy or an ongoing medical condition.