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Aldrington CE Primary School

Reading at Home

Reading at home is more valuable than any other home learning tasks. Children should read for 15-20 minutes at least five times a week.

Reading for this long will quickly become unsatisfying unless children enjoy what they are reading. Ensure that there is a variety of reading material from different genres, and that reading remains and enjoyable activity.

Children do not have to read only story books: fact books, newspapers, picture books and poetry can all form part of a varied reading mix. Story books tend to have the richest vocabulary and greatest spark for imaginations and so should predominate, but not exclude all other texts.

Children will learn to love reading if they see adults at home engage with reading. It is always valuable to read stories to children, such as at bed time. Share the reading also - swapping the reader every page or so. Talk about the books your children are reading - and about the books you are reading or read as a child.


Finding Good Books

Make sure your child changes their school book regularly. All classrooms have excellent bookshelves with age-appropriate texts, and the school library is for everyone.

Hove Library (Church Road) and the Jubilee Library (Brighton) hold many books for children. It's free to join and borrow from libraries.

    Brighton & Hove Libraries


The Book Trust curates an up to date and easily searchable book list.

    Book Trust Bookfinder 

Resources for Reading at Home