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Aldrington CE Primary School

Vision and Values

Our vision for Aldrington CE Primary School is summarised as follows:

Together we are Learning God’s Way, teaching children how they should live, so that they will remember it all their lives.  We actively seek to equip each unique individual with resilience and the skills and knowledge that allow them to flourish in their learning and achieve their God-given potential.

This vision references Proverbs 22:6 from the Bible.

For more detail about our vision see below:

Our Educational Vision

At Aldrington every child and adult learns together in a creative and enriching environment. We seek to promote a life long love of learning, to encourage endeavour, to foster curiosity and celebrate high achievement for all.

Our Vision of the Community

We believe that God has called us to experience His love in relationships with each other. Our aim is to value the diverse gifts of those in our school and the wider community, to reflect and share God’s love for us all and to reach out to others in practical ways in a spirit of friendship and love.

Our Global Vision

At Aldrington we aim to respect, understand and experience different cultures locally and worldwide. Through opportunities offered in our curriculum, children are encouraged to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of our global community. 

Our Spiritual Vision

We encourage all children to engage with the Christian faith, to grow in their understanding of God’s love for them and to develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Each child is encouraged to develop a practical vision of Christianity and its outworking in their lives through love and service based on the teachings of Jesus and an understanding of God’s word.

Our Vision for Personal and Social Development

We aim to give our children the means to fulfil their potential physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally to empower them to make wise choices now and throughout their lives. Children at Aldrington learn to love and respect themselves and others, developing a love for life and a desire to serve.



At Aldrington we believe that our values will not only develop us as individuals but as a community, both in school and in our city. 

Love: showing care and concern for all, putting others first and forgiving always as God forgives us in Christ. 

Integrity: always acting honourably, consistently and according to our conscience.

Responsibility: to be responsible for making independent decisions and being accountable for our actions; accepting individual and collective responsibility for our environment and our role within the community.

Achievement: attaining our full, God-given potential through perseverance and commitment resulting in satisfaction and pride in personal achievement in all fields of endeavour.

Sense of community: developing positive attitudes of compassion, friendship, social justice and cooperation; respecting differences, displaying understanding and working to build a place of acceptance and belonging as God's children. 

Respect: valuing and caring for ourselves, others and the world around us as God's creation; demonstrating gentleness, sensitivity and good manners.