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Aldrington CE Primary School

Writing at Home

All children are writers, and the more they read the more adventurous their writing. At Aldrington, we encourage children to write freely and independently, as well as to guidelines and criteria.

At home, it is particularly valuable for children to write their own compositions spontaneously and without limits.

For children's writing, only two criteria are pre-eminent: the audience and genre of the writing. Encourage children to think about who they are writing for - themselves, parents/carers, friends, teachers or even the general public. Children's writing is also improved if they can think through the genre and therefore conventions to adopt: is this a newspaper, short story, poem, postcard, advert, fairy tale, etc.

Teaching staff are always keen to see written work that children have completed outside school - so bring it in!


Resources for Writing

    Story starter for every day of the year